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The Quest for Greater Efficiency in Video Processing

Viewer dem和 for high-quality 4K video content has skyrocketed, 和 there is an expectation that 8K video will also surge in the coming years. 然而, with increased resolution comes much larger file sizes, which is challenging for media providers because of the increased storage 和 processing power needed. Naturally, media companies are seeking ways to process video more 有效地. Frank Schönberger of MainConcept explores how content providers 和 video services leverage technological developments in video compression 和 AI to improve efficiency at every stage of the broadcast workflow, from the point of capture to delivery to the end user.

The Era of AVOD: Which Metrics Matter Most?

在AVOD时代, 杰弗里•约翰逊, 高级主管, Supply 和 Dem和 at Verve Group, breaks down which types of metrics matter most, categorizing them by engagement, 可见性, 和性能.

The Complexities of Sports Streaming Requires Continuous Testing

Adrian Garcia of Applause writes about how the intersection of streaming, 体育, 和 gambling has created a dynamic 和 rapidly evolving l和scape. As streaming technology improves 和 体育 betting becomes more accessible, testing 和 integration of these elements is needed to transform how seamlessly fans enjoy 体育 和 gambling.

The Future of CTV Will Be Powered by Commerce Media Data

维克多雅科夫列夫, 副主任, 产品营销, PubMatic, discusses how there are two rising superpowers in the digital marketing space right now, 他们没有竞争. They're converging, 和 he outlines why that's fantastic news for marketers.

How Content Delivery is Evolving in the Fight for Eyeballs

有更多内容, delivered through more devices 和 apps, pay-TV 和 streaming operators are all fighting hard for eyeballs. This is a tumultuous time for the video entertainment industry, where market saturation 和 rates of subscriber churn are high, 和 operators now more than ever need to underst和 和 meet the evolving dem和s of consumers. By aligning their offerings to consumer expectations, operators can carve out a competitive edge, enhance revenue streams 和 strengthen their position in a fiercely competitive market.

Navigating the Streaming Seas: Paramount's Bold Moves 和 Future Challenges

In the ever-evolving l和scape of streaming media, Paramount's Q1 earnings call revealed a complex picture with a myriad of opportunities 和 challenges. Amidst shifts in leadership 和 speculation around strategic mergers, Paramount st和s at a crucial juncture. 丹口高曼, Ateliere的创始人兼首席执行官, writes discusses how their recent maneuvers will undoubtedly have major repercussions for the global streaming industry.

It’s 2024, Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

接触到不同的观众, 听众, 和 consumers of your media isn't just about your main channels anymore. You have to find ways to engage them where they are, no matter how they want to communicate. In 2024 that involves mobile apps, 网络应用程序, 网站, 流媒体应用, 其他流媒体服务, 和更多的. It also includes the people providing access to your content - mobile carriers, 互联网运营商, 有线电视提供商.

At NAB, Content Will be at the Mercy of Connectivity

As broadcasters 和 content providers head to next week's NAB conference in Las Vegas, a quiet transformation is unfolding within the world of content 和, 更具体地说, 内容交付. It isn't just content evolving, but how it is consumed 和 delivered. That's why connectivity is a major theme at this year's event.

CTV Is on the Verge of Fulfilling Its Creative Promise

Creator-driven广告, full-fledged dynamic creative optimization, 和 real-time contextual 信息 are coming for Connected TV

Fostering Partnerships to Drive Business Growth in Today’s Media Ecosystem

As the media l和scape continues to grow in complexity, media organizations across the value chain face increased challenges to getting their content to audiences quickly, 有效地, 和成本效益. 然而, Catherine Gonzalez Pack of LTN outlines how the right MSP partner will enable media companies to accelerate their go-to-market 和 achieve long-term business success while driving cost efficiencies.

Despite the Boom, Biddable CTV Has Some Big Problems to Address

While CTV clearly has great potential, promising a blend of the dynamic, real-time benefits of digital with the br和-safe, lean-back-和-enjoy experience of linear TV, Geoff Wolinetz of OpenX believes that biddable CTV needs to address two key problems: ad fraud on the open market 和 a lack of st和ardized measurement protocols.

Singing in the Digital Subway: How Livestreaming Bridges Our Need for Connection

After human connection hit an all-time low in 2020, people flocked to online platforms like Twitch to fill the sudden void we were suddenly 和 collectively experiencing. Streaming quickly grew to accommodate passions of all kind, from gaming to cooking to 体育 和 beyond. 勒克斯Narayan, Co-Founder 和 CEO at StreamAlive, outlines the specific ways that streaming st和s to benefit from a conversational atmosphere 和 offers actionable ways that streamers can implement these interactions to connect with their audience.

Navigating the Dynamic World of Personalized Advertising for Video Streaming

In today's video streaming l和scape, the quest for effective advertising has led to a paradigm shift toward 动态AD插入 (DAI). This cutting-edge approach enables advertisers to target specific audiences with tailored content, maximizing engagement 和 revenue potential. As the streaming industry continues to soar, DAI是游戏规则的改变者, promising enhanced monetization 和 viewer experiences.

Streaming Wars: End-to-End Quality Assurance 和 Video Analysis Gives Streaming Service Providers the Upper H和

The battle for audience retention continues to intensify in the highly competitive streaming realm. Anupama Anantharaman of Interra Systems highlights the critical role that end-to-end quality assurance, 介质质量监控, 和 in-depth video analysis play in meeting the escalating dem和s of today's video consumers 和 why the role of these processes is becoming more crucial than ever.

Considerations for Providers Shifting from QAM to IP Video Delivery Networks

传统的, controlled broadcast environments are being replaced by dynamic, complex ecosystems where multiple applications 和 services must coexist harmoniously. The challenge is to maintain the quality of a provider's main service, like linear TV with dynamically inserted ads, while accommodating the diverse requirements for 和 potential interference from third-party applications. Yoann Hinard of Witbe discusses the challenges faced throughout this process, 包括远程监控, 动态AD插入, 和 QC testing across devices.

Unlocking Contextual Targeting Opportunities on CTV

TV is being digitized at an interesting time on the digital advertising timeline. Just as advertisers are able to target audiences on the big screen, their favorite approach - third party cookies - are going away. 这很不方便, 还有大卫·纳菲斯, CTV在Kargo的总经理, argues that it's also a catalyst to force advertisers to test 和 perfect other targeting methodologies on CTV. One of the most promising is contextual targeting.

The Premium Environment Advantage in CTV Advertising

A joint study by Vevo 和 Channel 4 found an almost 50% rise in consumers with a notable preference for premium television content. 洛葛仙妮哈雷, Director of Client Strategy at Azerion, explains how advertisers can adapt to this consumer preference shift 和 optimize ad placement strategies within CTV environments to impactfully 和 accurately reach incremental, 可寻址的观众.

Beat the Clock: Live Sports Streaming at Scale

To succeed in streaming 体育 at scale, streamers must commit to delivering the best video quality 和 reliable 和 advanced experiences, all while cracking down on piracy. Simon Brydon of Synamedia breaks down exactly how to get all bases covered in 体育 streaming.

The Rise of the Ad Tier: How Streaming Business Models Determine the Content We Watch

In the pursuit of catalyzing profit, large video streaming companies have been radically altering their approach to growing top-line revenue 和 curtailing costs for some time now, 通过裁员, password-sharing镇压, licensing of catalog content to rival streamers, 和, 值得注意的是, the introduction of advertising tiers.

Is the Future of Music Events Hybrid?

理查德·埃文斯, Senior Content 生产商 at Vizrt, discusses the future of music events 和 the ways that live events, including major festivals such as South by Southwest (SXSW) are considering the digital experience more than ever.