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云流工作流基础设施 这似乎是五年前的未来潮流, 由于云技术的快速发展, 他们的明显优势 可伸缩性, economies of scale, accelerated adoption during the height of the p和emic. 今天, streaming’s cloudward progression seems like all but a foregone conclusion–though opinions vary on whether that hypothesis holds for certain live 和 VOD workflows, 以及 具有必要的本地组件的产品-正如本次讨论涉及的关键云从业人员来自 努力流, Grabyo, TMT的见解, LiveX 在纽约流媒体透露.


狄龙传媒风险投资公司首席策略师罗伯·狄龙 envisions a preferred future in which streaming 基础设施 和 workflows are "wholly in the cloud,并提出了一个问题, "What are the challenges that we're going to have to face to get to that point? 我们会永远被困在混合动力模式中吗?"

Agreeing that the streaming production 和 delivery ecosystem is indeed "destined for a hundred percent cloud model," TMT的见解媒体解决方案副总裁克里斯·麦卡锡 cautions that in some sectors the industry has quite a bit of work to do before reaching that goal. "There are a lot of people still who are hybrid or considering the jump to cloud for certain things. But we work with a lot of companies now who are running full end-to-end media supply chains in the cloud. 真的, 除非你的办公室里有人在办公, 你不再需要大量的本地基础设施了. 我会这么说, 至少在供应链的下游部分是这样, 这在今天的云计算中被广泛采用."

LiveX体验和参与副总裁Nick Micozzi takes exception to the premise that the entire glass-to-glass streaming workflow is in fact flowing cloudward. 

“我在生产部门工作, we have a significant sophisticated cloud 基础设施 that we built,米科齐说. "That helps us produce more efficiently, more powerfully, more flexibly. But we have cameras on the ground, we have to have encoders on the ground. So there's a part of the industry that's clearly cloud 和 downstream from cloud. But the upstream side I'm representing is always going to have at least content capture 和 initialing code to the cloud on-prem. 它不可能不在现场."


Grabyo营销高级副总裁克莱尔·巴特勒 concurs with Micozzi that "contribution or acquisition is always going to be a thing, 你总是需要硬件, whether it's high-end cameras or even just your mobile phone or whatever the case may be" on the ground where the event or content is being captured.

"But the interesting space for me is when you look at the hybrid model or approach to it, you are able to integrate cloud services from a staged or a phased approach,她认为. "It enables you to minimize risk, so it's low risk with potentially high gain. You're able to test 和 learn 和 figure out what's right in terms of the cloud tech choices."

与大多数技术获取/实现决策一样, 云迁移的核心问题是“构建还是购买”, “当你有你自己的,这需要“大量百家乐软件”, 工程, 和维护. If you are an organization that has that," Butler says, "then that's an option for you. But if you're not an organization that has access to those resources, you can go to the other end of the spectrum with a SaaS fully managed service. So there are choices that you can make out there to dip your toe in the water. 我的口头禅是,“试一试吧。. 它是灵活的. 试一试不费什么事.' If you don't have those resources, there are other options for you as well."

“我完全同意,”他说 Endeavor流媒体副总裁 & 梅根·瓦格纳. 努力流是100%以云为中心的, but then we're starting to see that it might make sense for some of the streaming to be on-prem. 所以如果你看一下计算能力, for instance: 24/7 linear channels 和 different regions of the world, 谁对它有胃口?"


“但同样, 同时你有混合和分阶段的方法, 在一天结束的时候, 一切都是关于未来的走向?巴特勒问. “你谈论的是计算能力. 云的美妙之处在于,如果你有硬件, 它的电动汽车售价2万美元, 你必须获得EVS认证的操作员才能使用它, 也许你得让他们飞过去. 你现在可以在云中提供实时服务. 所以想想减少你的碳足迹吧, 例如,这是另一个重要的方面."

Another key benefit of leveraging third-party compute power 和 technology (which, 毕竟, is what the cloud is) is that you're not footing the entire bill for period upgrades to keep your 基础设施 current, 或者忍受老化的科技.

At Grabyo, she says, "our underlying 基础设施 is based 100% on AWS 基础设施, that means that people benefit from the latest 和 greatest features the next time they open their browser. They're not limited to the hardware capacity that they've invested in. So, 同时你还得让这些资产流汗, 我认为试着把脚趾伸进水里很重要, 正如我之前提到的, 因为你可以, you're basically creating downstream millions of dollars of hardware savings over the cloud. That's another interesting angle that I'd like you to take away as well."



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