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2024年5月/ 6月


All the 新闻 That’s Fit for FAST

新闻 broadcasting is one of the most exciting and quickly growing areas for FAST development, highlighted by the recent announcement of the BBC/AMC 24-hour live FAST news channel. Other legacy media news broadcasters, 比如斯克里普斯, 辛克莱, 赫斯特, 和《百家乐软件》, have also entered the FAST news space, many of them with a focus on local content. What are some of the current trends and challenges for FAST news delivery? In this article, several leading industry commentators provide insight.

Decoding the Landscape: Recent Developments in Video Codec Licensing

Navigating the ever-changing world of video codec licensing can be complex. This article breaks down major IP-related events from the past 18 months, including the new European SEP licensing rules, Avanci's new video patent pool, 以及Sisvel-RPX交易. 探索谁在做交易, 涉及到哪些技术, and the implications for royalty-free models

How to Add Zoom Participants in vMix as Clean Inputs

With the release of vMix 27, Windows producers can now get clean Zoom Meeting inputs in vMix. The best part is that there are no additional upfront or monthly subscription costs to vMix 27users with an HD, 4K, 箴, 或最大许可. All that is required is to download the Zoom Plugin for vMix. 下面是它的工作原理.

Q&A: Google Cloud's Anil Jain Explains How Generative AI Is Driving Digital Transformation for M&E和DTC

对于Anil Jain来说, leading the Strategic Consumer Industries team for Google Cloud has meant helping traditional media companies embrace cloud and AI, move to an OpEx-centric business model, and adapt to a more development-oriented mindset in engineering and product management. 在这次采访中, Jain discusses the global shift to cloud-based operations in the media industry, the ways generative AI is disrupting everything from production to packaging to all aspects of the user experience, and what media companies should be afraid of if they're not already.


This review will highlight the JW Player online video platform and explore its on-demand streaming, 字幕, Web播放器功能, 还有其他特点. It will walk viewers through using the platform, including the core features like uploading videos, 进口流, and creating playlists in the Media Library and configuring the media player, as well as more advanced features. It will also discuss testing done using the platform.

流媒体's 引领潮流的产品 and Services of 2024

A detailed guide to 流媒体's 引领潮流的产品 and Services of 2024.

The Most Demanded FAST Genre in 2024: 新闻

2024 is the ultimate election year. A total of 91 countries—including the U.S.,美国.K., India, and 27 European Union nations—will hold elections. 在这种情况下, it's no surprise to witness platforms and news outlets finessing their FAST channel strategy. The BBC 新闻 FAST channel launch was perfectly timed in that regard. BBC 新闻 is now available as a FAST channel on platforms like Pluto TV, 三星电视Plus, Xumo玩, VIZIO, 和更多的.


Data, Personalization, and Practical Magic

Discussions of data acquisition, 应用程序, and monetization that would have seemed like the most mind-blowing magic to denizens of other eras proved ever-present at 纽约流媒体, the reimagined and rebooted 流媒体 event that made its raucously well-received return to Manhattan in May.


Why You Should Embrace Sustainability (But Not For The Reason You May Think)

To really make an impact, we have to put sustainability within a context we can understand. 是很困难的, whether as individuals or businesses, sometimes to grasp the very huge concept of climate change and then commit to "sustainability efforts" as a way to have an impact. 但是当有上下文的时候, sustainability efforts can be achieved without actually trying to focus on them in particular. Within the streaming industry, that context is power.



As the march of new tech accelerates, it begs the question: Do we wait a bit to see what new gear can offer, or do we go with what's available now, 即使它看起来有点老


Radically Reforming Public Education--and How Video Can Help

By the time stu­dents finish their sophomore year of high school, they should know how much they have yet to learn about financial literacy and maybe even have a good idea of what they want to do in life. This is where streaming media comes in: Online video and books can provide for rich, specialized independent study to any community with motivated students.

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